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20k Pop / Operactic Soul / EDM Dance / Italian Opera


About Misti’

Misti` Rose` is a Rising Star from: London, England **(Lewisham – London …To Be Exact) This English born beauty started her love of performance and music at the youthful age of nine-9. Misti` Rose fell in love with the beautiful choral sound outside the vestry and now the rest is history. Misti` Rose explored her musical direction and creativity by mastering dance and piano at a young age and by collaborating with several worldly producers with the concept to build on creating her brand, style and musicality.
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Misti Rose’ is one of the very few selective artist who have experienced the grace of an opportunity by being granted an exclusive invitation to headline a live, up close and intimate “RoofTop” performance at the historical “Porto Coliseum Hotel” in front of an audiences from around the world back on 02-14-2022. Misti` was also privileged to be provided complimentary residency stay during the Christmas and New Years holiday seasons as part of her residency performance package. The owner of the “Coliseum Hotel” Mr. Manuel specifically made sure that (during Misti’s Residency Stay) Misti` was furnished comfort in the same room that the famous British born singer and iconic actor Julie Andrews stayed in when Julie visited and/or performed at the “Porto Coliseum Hotel”. Misti Rose’s Own Words` The experience was truly magical! It all started one day when I was performing “Italian Opera Songs” live outside of the ‘Magestic Café’ in Santa Catarina Porto Portugal. And to my delight a very outspoken eccentric Portuguese gentleman followed my voice as I was singing and when he arrived, he couldn’t stop clapping and shouting my praises! At first I was in a little shock as I didn’t quite understand or realize what he wanted. But as my performance set came to an end, he waited in ore, he then revealed to me that he was on the rooftop up the road from the ‘Magestic Café’ where I was performing and then said to me that he felt as if he could hear an angel singing!!! So he followed the sound of my voice while I was performing and found me. then, very enthusiastically requested that I follow him once I finished my performance. Of course I was intrigued by his crazy energy, and to my absolute surprise he was taking me to the historical “Porto Coliseum Hotel” located in Porto Portugal! And, to top that all out, he was the owner of the “Porto Coliseum Hotel” If I didn’t think this day could get better it did! Taken by the fact that I was a singer from England, Mr. Manuel then said that he had to show me all the stars that had stayed at the “Porto Coliseum Hotel” in the past. OUT OF THE LIST OF ALL THE SUPER STAR STATUS ARTIST AND MOVIE STARS THAT HAVE STAYED AT THE “COLISEUM HOTEL” The most amazing one for me was, ‘Julie Andrews’ (simply inspiring because she is a native British as I) DURING MY TOUR, MR. MANUEL, ALSO GUIDED ME TO THE ROOM THAT ‘JULIE ANDREWS’ ACTUALLY STAYED IN DURING HER VISITS. I was gobsmacked by the beautiful black & white photos of Julie Andrews on both sides of the wall in the room. He saw my eyes light up and right there and then he said this room is yours!!! Complimentary!!! I was granted a complimentary residency stay there during the Christmas/New Year holiday Season 2021. Unbelievably, as part of my residency stay, I performed a lovely intimate concert collection of ten-(10) “Italian Opera Songs” on the roof at the “Porto Coliseum Hotel” on Valentines Day 11-14-2022. My Performance Playlist Included the below song titles: 1. xxxxxx 2. xxxxxx 6. xxxxxx 7. xxxxxx -I felt truly and extremely blessed- To know that “Julie Andrews” had stayed in the same room at the “Porto Coliseum Hotel” as I have been provided! I couldn’t quite believe this was happening, but it did. It was truly epic!



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